Let Freedom Ring

I made another one of these cute little bezels in celebration of July 4th.   I call this my “freedom” bracelet.

I have to admit, the bracelet was originally the “piece from H-E-double sticks” (okay, I secretly give that name to pieces that are uncooperative).   Here is a big DON’T:  MAKE SURE WHEN THE ICE RESIN IS CURING TO NOT BE BY AN AIR CONDITIONER VENT.  See disaster photo (tissues that wiped away my tears are absent).  Just to make sure that I wasn’t hallucinating, I asked my family members to look at the piece.  Yep, sadly, they confirmed there was dust in the piece.  So here’s a hint:  it’s a really good idea to cover your piece with something like a cup or plastic container so particles suddenly do not become your friend.

oops copy

After getting over my loss, I made it go right in the end by applying what I learned .  ☺In this bracelet, I used the images from www.backgroundfairy.com and www.freevintagedigistamps.blogspot.com  (these are fabulous sites so please check it out ).   Some Swarovski pearls and crystals along with rhinestone rondelles, balls and Czech glass made it a fun, celebratory piece that can be worn year-round.  The piece can be found in the “Shopette”.

freedom2 copy

When I created the piece, I thought of those that fought for our treasured freedom.  To you, I can’t thank you enough.  We are truly blessed to be Americans.  This is early, but have a wonderful, safe July 4th.   ♥♥♥

With big sparkly thanks to all of our troops,


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