It’s hotter than . . . craft day

Okay, I really shouldn’t be a whiner but today was hotter than the double sticks word. So, I decided to get my crafty pants on, stay inside and create.

I don’t know what was in the water nine months ago, but so many people I know are having babies. Well that makes me super happy because I LOVE babies and it gives me an excuse to make something special. I am making some custom necklaces for these new moms and also gift bags. Today I am going to share with you one of the gift bags I made.

I am doing a very special gift for Stephanie, my hairdresser who is also a good friend. She is absolutely thrilled because she recently became a “glama”—love that name. She has known me through thick and thin (literally) and is one of the most beautiful people you would ever want to meet (okay, she is also fabulous at hair too). So in this case, the GlaMA definitely gets a gift.

I wanted to really personalize the entire gift so I asked Stephanie to write on a piece of paper words to describe her grandbaby. I took the words and scanned them into the computer and incorporated them into the bag and necklace I made. Truly, the bag was easy to make. I just took some muslin and sewed scraps of fabric and her word “Pure Joy”, which I just printed on paper, to the muslin which made a focal point. From there I added a silk flower and sewed on an angel wing (she loves angels). On the back I did the same thing but used a crocheted flower as the center piece.

I also made a piece from a picture of her grandbaby; believe it or not, out of Shrinky Dinks™. I have used Shrinky Dinks in my packaging and it is amazing what you can do. I will share with you in my next lesson how to do this and some tips. I love sari silk and used that as a closure. Have fun with your packaging. I would love to see what you can come up with.

stephanie bag 2 copy

stephanie 3 copy

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