The Bag Lady♥♥♥

Bags—I probably have a few under my eyes (okay, sight is going a little so it might be more than a few) but I know for sure I’ve been a busy bee making bags for various occasions. It was too hot to go shopping over the weekend so I stayed inside and made my own bags—so there Nordstrom. Here’s the collection.

babybag2 copy

The necklace you see at the bottom is from a class I took from Diana Frey—she is incredible. A necklace like that has to go in a special bag for a special friend. These bags are done using felt which is so easy to use. To make, simply fold the felt in thirds and cut the width (usually it’s too wide for the pieces I create) to the desired length. I then just do a little layering, put an image on top of that, do some embellishing, sew my silk closure piece on the back and sew up the sides. Voila…you have a handmade gift bag. So in creating don’t rule out felt, it’s really friendly.

Have fun making your bags!!!

With sparkles and happiness in bag making♥♥♥,

Mary Ryan

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