Mad Scientist!!!

I decided on this title before I started my experiment. I was all excited that there was a possibility this would work (positive thinking). My first sign that I was doomed was probably the indication I got when I was driving around town trying to find the etchant solution and the stores were out. I seriously hate having to wait on supplies when I am excited about a project (do you know the feeling?).

Well, I was out shopping (okay, at the local craft store again) and found some great rub-on stamps and decided to see if this transfer method would give me the etched look I like. The cuffs I make are laboriously done by transferring the image using my laser printer and nail polish remover (good old acetone). Some people use rubber stamps and that works fine on flat objects but I like the detail that my time-consuming methods provides on curved objects and I can find some pretty nifty dingbats that are royalty-free. I thought rub-ons would really be a time-saver and open up a whole new world for me.

Well, the only thing it opened up was a roll of toilet paper to wipe away my tears (this is even more tragic—I ran out of Kleenex). When the etching was completed what I got was a pathetic “blob” of images. I thought (wishful thinking) that if I patina’d the cuff that it would miraculously cure the “blob”. Well, as I was doing this, I gave up—I just went into apathy because I quickly realized that no patina or magic wand was going to fix the situation. What this mad scientist learned was that for detailed etch work the laser printer method works best. Rub-ons would work if this were not the goal.

Disaster Strikes!!!

I would hate to leave you with a “blob” to look at so here is a sample of the cuffs I normally do. They are my “bee theta” cuffs with inspirational words on the side. I love the effect they create!!!
comparison 2
cuff6 copy

The winning method!!!

The winning method!!!

With sparkles and enlightenment,


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