Out for Delivery

I finally finished “Glama’s” (a.k.a. Stephanie – my incredible hair stylists) custom baby necklace. Her request was that she wanted it very simple with just pearl chain surrounding the bezel. Hmmmm….how to make this even more special is what I asked myself. So I came up with the idea of getting Glama to describe in her own writing what this beautiful baby meant to her. I then decided to use the words she had written in the bezel but I couldn’t stop at just one bezel (no way…I was on a creative roll). I put a connector clasp bezel in the chain with another one of her words because I wanted both the front and back to be unique. Stephanie loves angels so I added a little angel wing and bling (to represent the pure love she has for the baby) at the very end of the chain. I’m putting the necklace in the custom bag I created. I adored working on this project. That precious little one has such personality that my heart would sing every time I looked at her. Okay, I’ll keep you posted on Steph’s reaction.

Custom baby necklace with "Glama's" original writing

Custom baby necklace with “Glama’s” original writing

"Joy" custom clasp

“Joy” custom clasp

Custom bag

Custom bag

With this one done I have a few more baby orders (it’s that water I tell you). I love doing these!!!

With sparkles and living fun,


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2 Responses to Out for Delivery

  1. stephanie Obolewicz says:

    I am so blessed and honored to have such an incredibly talented, loving, giving, thoughtful friend in you Mary! Words cannot express how much I love this necklace!! I wear it every day!!! You captured who I am and love I have for my most precious gift , my sweet little Glambaby!!!! I truly cant thank you enough!!! Every time I wear this I think of what a blessing you are to me! How amazing that you have a talent that reaches down to the heart of a person and tell their story!!!! I love you so much and am grateful for you every day!!!!! Thank you

    • thetasisters says:

      Thanks Stephanie. You are truly a beauty inside and out and reading this message was a wonderful way to start my day. It’s my pleasure to decorate you–the canvas is just gorgeous. Love you to pieces.

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