Lots of different “chics”

There are many kinds of chics: shabby chic, boho chic, elegant chic, etc. After living in the Pacific Northwest for several years I became really relaxed (I mean “really”) in my attire department. That’s when a new kind of chic was born: Hobo-chic.

I always loved fashion and dressing up, but my life took an interesting turn when I moved from days of sunshine to days of rain—I mean lots and lots of that stuff. After nearly killing myself by wearing my “cute” shoes on wet pavement (I wasn’t thinking about the slipping issue), I knew I needed to see my friend, DSW, fast. Well, mission accomplished–I purchased my rubber soled shoes and slip-on sneakers. When I wasn’t working, I lived in sweats, hoodies and my two pairs of DSW shoes—and thus, a style (a fuss-free one) was born.

Well during this time, I briefly moved to Los Angeles. Right before I moved, I came up with these cuffs. I wore them with my new relaxed look and now I was chic—yep, hobo-chic. These cuffs are perfect for completing or accessorizing that casual look.

They are easy to make and fun to wear. I enjoy making my own flowers out of sari silk but I have also used ready-made flowers and vintage brooches. I have sold many of them. Here is a sneak peak of the ones I’m preparing for some upcoming shows.

Hobo-chic cuffs

Hobo-chic cuffs

Hobo-chic and sparkly thoughts,


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2 Responses to Lots of different “chics”

  1. mryanaz says:

    Can I special order cuffs with colors that match my outfits?

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