It’s a Hobo Day

What do you feel like when it is 107° outside with humidity that is near 40%? For me, it’s yep… hobo. I am going out tonight so I didn’t want to look completely unfortunate so I had to upgrade the look to hobo-chic. I decided to make this leather bracelet. This is a bracelet that you could do in a few hours that is fun, cute and versatile.

I purchased this triple wrap leather bracelet a while ago and had sort of an idea of what I wanted to do with it—a bezel and some crystals were calling to me. Well after a year (talk about a lag) the light bulb finally went off. I used the oval, two-hole bezel I had from the Spellbinders ™ Media Mixage line (I purchased at JoAnn’s with my coupon–happiness) and some Crystal Clay™ to set the rhinestone chatons.

To make the bracelet, fill the bezel completely with the Crystal Clay. I like black. Then take some 3mm rhinestone chatons and fill the bezel with these. To attach the bezel to the leather, I used some sari black silk, sewed the silk to the leather and tied the bezel in place. I was thinking that you could probably use a little dab of glue on that sari silk if you hate to sew or don’t have a machine.

Let your imagination soar on this one. Use different colors and sizes of rhinestones. The bezel can be a different shape and the possibility for the attachment can be colored thread, screws, etc. What you can come up with is limitless.

triplecuff copy

triple cuff 1 copy

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