Be, Do, Have

Well I finally finished this piece. Yippee Zippee for me. I have been thinking of the construction and had been playing with different ideas and components and finally found something that hit the mark to me. I just used some resin, bezels, and this interesting rhinestone chain I purchased years ago and of course, German glass glitter. I think the only tweaking I need is a tiny bee at the closure area. That’ll be today’s purchase—a girl has to get it right, right?

Well anyways I got some news yesterday that I could really have. Art Unraveled is in Phoenix this week and I have attended this retreat for several years (go online and check it out). It’s so nice to be local now and I live right by the hotel where the event is being held (how lucky can a girl get?). The event director and course instructor made an exception and let me into a class that was FULL. I can’t wait. I’ll keep you posted on my newest creations. In one of my future blogs, I’ll tell you some nifty online classes to take. Well for now– sparkles and love because I have to go pay for my class and do a little (hopefully it’s only little) shopping.


bedohave copy

bedohave2 copy

bedohave3 copy

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