Breaking up is hard to do

I was all excited because my niece told me that HomeGoods got a new shipment of display mannequins so of course, I had to schedule a field trip right away ( no husband objects to field trips, but shopping, well …) I walked in the door and there she was. I thought this had to be fate because this was the last one in that style. I snatched her up by that tiny, taut waist of hers and dragged her to the checkout line. Excitedly, I thought this could be the start of a nice relationship. I went so far as to name her “Becky” because any relationship worth having involves knowing their name.

Well I got “Becky” home (she was really low maintenance—I didn’t even have to belt her)
and unfortunately, she didn’t quite work out—not the best style match. I am kind of sad because she made me feel super smart—you know—the Mensa kind of smart. Headless people have that effect on me. Despite the pain of the breakup, there is one thing though that I won’t miss—having to look at that sort of flawless figure of hers (okay, I’ve had two kids). So today is the day she went back. She looked a little “stiff” but I’m pretty sure she’ll like being back with all the other headless models. As for me, I’ll spend a few days with chocolate getting over the loss. Then back shopping – oops field trips -for my better Becky.


Bye Becky

Bye Becky

Sparkles for now,


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