Classes And Freebies

Okay, I just love to learn and there are some terrific classes out there is cyber world. I just wanted to share with you some sites where online classes and free hatting are available. Online classes are fabulous because, while still in your pajamas or when it’s 2:00 a.m. and you can’t sleep, you can simply log-on to your class and get some knowledge (okay, in my case retention might not be there but it beats counting sheep). I love the fact that I can view something over and over again which is great when wanting to perfect a certain technique. It’s at my own pace and I don’t feel like a donkey butt when I’m moving slower than the rest of the class. I have taken from these instructors/sites and they are wonderful. – Deryn is excellent. She gives you a plethora of information and her attention to technique and detail are superb. – Terri gives you exchange in abundance. I can’t believe the time she spent preparing the information. Her soldering class is excellent and you will learn everything about that soldering iron and then some. – This place has just about everything—collaging, painting, jewelry making etc. Great classes. – They have all different classes from metalwork to stringing. This site also has lots of freebie instruction. This is a great place for beginners to get some free basic jewelry techniques. – This is a great summer online camp. It seems they offer almost every medium in the art world and they have top-notch instructors. – Stephanie Lee is an amazing instructor. She has a class coming up in January that if you are interested in doing metal work this is the instructor. Stephanie is so generous in sharing information and techniques. – great free tutorials on how to use ice resin and design tips.

FREEBIE SEWING PATTERNS there are some free clothing patterns and this woman can do it all. She even designs her own fabrics (I would love to be her but I can barely draw stick figures).
Check these out and let me know if you have any other sites I should look at.
Happy creations and stay sparkly,


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