Tutors, jewelry and bags–the perfect Saturday

One thing I love about Saturday is the fact that I get to do some tutoring. Helping others and seeing them grasping data and winning in life just warms my heart. What can I say—I have the best students.

I felt so good it stirred my creativity. My sis needed a few birthday gifts so I made some of these bracelets for her friends and of course, I couldn’t leave my fabulous sis out—she needed one too. Well, when I was at Art Unraveled a few weeks ago, Crystal Basica of Vintage Fairy Finds had these really interesting, easy bracelets she made using 6mm rhinestone cup chain. She just used the chain, leather, waxed linen and a pretty rhinestone button. She gave me some quick hatting and a You Tube video I could go to. Well, I got enough data and decided to make it my way.

To start, I used the 6mm cup chain, bungy cord, the button and sinew (you can get sinew at Hobby Lobby in the leather section or at places like Fire Mountain Gems). I attached the button in the middle of approximately a yard of bungy cord and made a small secure knot. Then next to the bungy knot, I knotted the sinew. I went around the middle of each cup chain three times with the sinew attaching it to the bungy cord. It’s pretty easy and I like working with sinew because it has a wax coating and really sticks to bungy cord or leather without being bulky like waxed linen. When done, knot the sinew ends and trim off the extra sinew. Use a little jewelry glue to make sure the sinew knots are secure. Knot the bungy cord making sure there is enough of a loop so the button can fit through.

The bags are made from a silk fabric base but to make it unique or ethereal, I tea-dyed dryer sheets and put that on the top of the silk fabric. I took a photo of my sis when she was around four years old and put angel wings on her (thanks freevintagedigistamps.blogspot.com). I thought her friends would love seeing a photo of her as a child. I then added the words—Have a heavenly birthday. I loved the way it turned out. This is just an easy and personal project to do. Have fun creating!!!

Easy rhinestone bracelet

Easy rhinestone bracelet

My adorable sis

My adorable sis


Sparkles and fun,


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