Incredible Table Setting Idea–Bubble Wrap

Can you believe this is bubble wrap?

Can you believe this is bubble wrap?

Since moving back to Arizona I have been blessed to have become friends with an incredible artist, Patsy Lowry.  Last week I had the pleasure of going to her home as she showed me her current table setting for her up-coming book.  One thing that you have to know about Patsy is that she is full of generosity, life, color and sparkle.  She has created purses and hand-dyed garments that were sold at very upscale department stores and created amazing bronze sculpture pieces.  One of the mediums I love the most are her paintings.  Her paintings are vibrant and there is a certain reflective quality that really captures the beautiful essence of her soul.   To describe her work in two words:  captivating and breathtaking.

I took a photo of her newest table setting and for placemats she came up with this fabulous idea—you are not going to believe this one–bubble wrap.  Patsy entertains A LOT.  The bubble wrap has been a hit as guests snap, crackle and pop their plastic at the table.  Is that just the best?  So for your next party, you don’t have to spend a fortune on placemats.  Just hit your nearest Target, Wal-Mart, etc. and get some of this stuff cut it up and you are good to go.  Young and old will have fun!!!  If your event is well…one of those (you can fill in the blanks) you can at least look at this as a stress reliever (you can pop the plastic instead of your lid).   For more on Patsy, you can find her at

Hope this sparks your imagination.

Sparkles and love,


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