Future Giveaway

Photo of bracelets

Photo of bracelets

Giveaway bracelets

Giveaway bracelets

I have been a little stumped in the creativity department. If you’ve been there, don’t you just hate that? Here are some pieces that I have been working on and they have been just sitting on the kitchen table staring at me waiting for some inspiration. Life has had me going in many directions lately. When I was a dancer, my instructor told me, “You can’t be an apple and an orange.” You get the picture—so I decided to be a cantaloupe (it’s plentiful right now in Arizona and I like the taste of it—laugh). Well anyways, I am getting my creative energy back (thank goodness—I was getting worried) and I figured out a way to finish these pieces.

I decided to do something very special with these pieces. I want to honor those who have been through a difficult time no matter what that may be. I am doing a very special closure for these pieces that will be revealed later. Since we are coming upon October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to do my first auction to celebrate “life”. I haven’t completely figured out how I will do it but I will be posting my three finished pieces. I have two of the three bracelets somewhat completed and am working on the third. Is there a color choice that you would be interested in? Just let me know since I am wondering what to do for the third. I would love to hear from you.

Have a sparkly and safe week,


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