Silent Auction Piece

One of my deepest passions would have to be in the area of education. It honestly breaks my heart when someone can’t read, write, etc. When I lived in Florida I had the honor of knowing and working for Sharon Hillstead and Holly Haggerty at the Community Learning Center. Their non-profit center has tutored thousands of students and the results are phenomenal. Yes, they are my mentors and heroes and when I tutor today I think of them. I told Sharon if she ever needed a Silent Auction piece, I would create something for her. She contacted me and here is what I came up with.

Joy Necklace

Joy Necklace

Be, Do, Have Bracelet

Be, Do, Have Bracelet

Joy Necklace

Joy Necklace

I sent a “Joy” necklace and “Be, Do, Have” bracelet because I knew this would convey to the group. Naturally, they had to have a Theta Sisters’ bag. Those vintage girls on the front of the bag give me huge smiles. Aren’t they adorable?

The Casino Night and Silent Auction is September 21, 2013. I hope that they have a fun and successful night. To check out their site go to:
Have a sparkly day and think of all the people that have inspired you,


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