Inspiration Bracelet

Healed Bracelet

Healed Bracelet

Healed Bracelet

Healed Bracelet

In the game of LIFE (I’m talking the real one not some board game) there are the good times and the well…not so good times. I have to say the good times are way more fun. I hate it when I spin the dial and I land on a crappy spot.

Sometimes a single word is the best way to summarize one of those days. I made three bracelets that reflect, for me, days when rainbows and sunshine take a long time to appear. The one shown is the bezel I made using the word “healed”.

To make this, the bezel used was by Art Mechanique by Susan Lenart Kazmer. I then went to Michaels and discovered and purchased some crystal chain by Vintage Romance designed by Debby Anderson (Debby is a jewelry designer genius with creations that will leave you drooling). I then added another row of chain. The crystal and silver really captures the purity of the word.

I want to invoke those moments when something insurmountable is conquered. For those times when you play the game LIFE and you spin the dial and you are glad (super glad) you get another spin. May your “spins” always land on success. Celebrate the WINS and have a wonderful sparkly day!!!


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One Response to Inspiration Bracelet

  1. What a lovely surprise to receive your Facebook posting sharing the link to your blog! Your sweet words regarding my Romancing the Bling designs and new product line Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson was so wonderful to receive! I love that you used my Rosary Chain with Silver Flower connectors to use in the design of your stunning bracelet!
    I would love to share your photo linking to your blog iin the Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson Facebook Page ~ a venue for sharing and inspiring each other!
    Thank you again for your awesome support!


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