A Dynamic Duo–Masters in Soldering

Glass Bottles done by Susan Paetz www. studio54stainedglass.com

Glass Bottles done by Susan Paetz http://www.studio54stainedglass.com

Amazing Nativity Scene by Rosalie Bergeron at www.studio54stainedglass.com

Amazing Nativity Scene by Rosalie Bergeron at http://www.studio54stainedglass.com

I just have to quickly share something with you. I was at a craft fair this weekend and met a mother and daughter team that were amazing. Susan Paetz and Rosalie Bergeron were trained by a master artisan in soldering. Susan does the cross bottles and her mom does the mangers, birds, butterflies etc. What is so astonishing is the perfection in technique. We are talking flawless and smooth seams. I know in jewelry making I strive for that but I end up with a little clump somewhere in the piece. I hate that!!! It’s not intentional and it is not pretty. They basically said understanding and mastering iron temperature plays a huge role as well as practice (obviously, they have been doing this for a bit).

Do you know that in the creatures created, they make sure that their colors mirror the integrity of nature? Susan even hunts for the best crystals to incorporate into her crosses so the reflection from light is beautiful. Every step of the way there is attention to detail. I hope to go over to their home and see them in action. Susan and Rosalie are a dynamic duo with beautiful and creative spirits. What an honor it was to meet them and to be able to capture their work. I just love to see talent like this–it truly excites me. For more information about their work, they can be reached at http://www.Studio54StainedGlass.com.

Sparkles and joy,


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