Easy Button Bracelet Tutorial

Easy button bracelet

Easy button bracelet

This bracelet is really easy to make and the good news is—most supplies can be found at those big craft stores and it’s completely adjustable (love that). If you have some spare buttons with a shank, it’s also a good way to use put them to use.

I have a couple of friends that love chunky jewelry so I am making these as gifts for them. I don’t usually wear big jewelry but I would wear this. It can be worn dressed up or down. Seriously, this is all you need and like I said, your kids can do this with a little help from you.

• 2mm rhinestone chain (optional)
• 3-4 buttons*** (depending on how big you want your bracelet to be)
• Bead for chain end
• 3-4 Bezels*** (I used Susan Lenart Kazmer’s bezels at a Jo-Ann store
• Lobster claw clasp
• Glue – E6000 or other comparable glue if you are using rhinestone chain
• Headpin
• Open link chain (I believe mine was 9mmx6mm).
• Pliers
• Two part epoxy clay—like DeCoRé Crafters Clay or Crystal Clay
• Wire cutters (you want durable cutters so your good ones don’t get wrecked )

1. Mix your clay (I used black) according to the manufacturer’s directions
2. Now look at your button shanks and see if they need to be cut.
3. Place the clay into the bezels in a way that it looks like a very small hill.
4. Insert your buttons into the clay and center.
5. Allow to dry according to manufacturer’s directions.
6. Add the rhinestone chain around the sides if you want.
7. Attach your bezels using your open link chain
8. Attach your clasp using one link of your open link chain.
9. Add the chain to the end of the bezel.
10. Add a decorative bead with your headpin at the end.

There you have it. It’s really fun and the possibilities are endless. You can use different objects for the center and even incorporate different size bezels.

***I am really small wristed and this fits me although it could be a tad tighter. I might use a slightly smaller chain or jump ring if it really bothered me.

Have fun creating.


Sparkles and smiles,


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