Easy to make necklace

Easy to make necklace

Yikes!!! I have been super busy so I haven’t been able to get this posted until now. This is an easy-to-make leather necklace that is so versatile that you only need a few things. What’s great about it is that you can completely customize what goes inside the bezel—great for that special holiday gift.

• 1 end cap (3mm or 4mm depending on leather)
• 2 jump rings
• Bezel (I used Art Mechanique by Susan Lenart Kazmer)
• Charm of your choice
• Glue (optional)
• Ice-resin
• Image
• Jewelry flat-nose pliers
• Leather-1.5mm or 2 mm
• Modge Podge or tape for sealing paper
• Punch (optional)

I ordered the leather and end cap from http://www.fusionbeads.com. I am pretty picky about the leather but that is a personal preference. I look for the words natural or vintage because I find it to be softer —but like I said that’s me. Everything else can be found at the local craft store.
Cut a 36” piece of leather (I am tall so this works well for me and I can wear it short as well—you may want to adjust the length depending on your needs and height). Put both ends together and dab a little and I mean LITTLE glue on the ends. Slip both ends into your end cap. Take your flat nose pliers and squeeze that middle bar. TIP: don’t take your pliers and over press that middle bar—I did that and it broke.

Take your picture and seal it. Sometimes I use tape and seal the front and back or sometimes I just use Modge Podge ™. You can go to the http://www.iceresin.com/how_to/ or http://www.artbeads.com/handy-tip-ice-resin.html to find out how to use ice resin. Put your photo into the bezel and pour the ice-resin according to the instructions and let cure.
When your bezel is completely dry just attach the bezel to the leather end cap using a jump ring. At the bottom, using a jump ring, attach your charm.

There you have it–an easy personalized gift. Take those images and make a one-of-a kind gift!!!

Create and sparkle,

Sorry for the photos–bad camera

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