Saturday Playdate = Sea glass lariat




I finally got a little miffed at myself (all work and no play) and scheduled a playdate and I have to say….I had the best time (I was even well behaved). I adore the ocean and all the surprises and trinkets on the beach. Sea glass is one of them. There are so many different colors and shapes.

I got my stale, creative thinking cap on and decided I wanted to create something clean, fresh and “beachy”. I had some sea glass and decided to incorporate that into a lariat piece. If I were to renew my vows in Hawaii (just saying imagining….laugh) I would probably wear something like this. I’ve got some beautiful blue sea glass that I want to play with next.

Hope you can schedule a playdate. It does wonders!!!

Calm and sparkles,


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A Special Remembrance

locket front


Sorry I have been soooo out of communication. Lots of things happening plus I got that darn bug. For someone who hardly ever gets sick—those little critters got the best of me.

I was asked to do something very special that touched my heart and I fell in love with. Here’s the story: A friend of a friend of a friend (okay, try to keep that straight) asked me to do a simple filigree brass bezel for her wedding that she wanted incorporated into the bouquet. This is the touching part. Grandpa had passed and the bride-to-be was very close to him. Her friend wanted something made to make her feel that grandpa was still with her in spirit. I could feel the beauty and love of grandpa coming through in that photo. This was such a moving project and what a wonderful friend to do something so meaningful. I can’t wait to hear the reaction!!!


Sparkles and health,


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Published Again!!!

jewelry affaire

I was so excited when I got the notice that I was being published again. Thanks Jewelry Affaire—I feel so honored. There are a lot of great ideas in this issue from so many artists. Check it out!!!



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Happy New Year!!! Sorry I have been not communicating. On December 31, we moved so my life has been full of boxes, achy muscles and dry hands from handling cardboard. Despite that, it feels good to finally feel somewhat settled.

If you want to learn how to make jewelry or just add some new techniques to your skillset, I wanted to share with you some classes that are coming up that are utterly fabulous.

1. Stephanie Lee
Stephanie is amazing. She is teaching an online course called, “Homesteader’s Metalsmithing Revamped” starting January 20. I took her first class and the data was exchange in abundance but not overwhelming. I loved that I could watch it over and over and really understand the technique. For information about the class go to:

2. Terri Brush
It’s astonishing what Terri Brush can do with a soldering iron. She has several classes and a new class called, “NEW Online Soldering class intermediate soldering online ecourse on demand Terri Brush.” So if you are a beginner or more advanced she has something for you. Terri is very generous in sharing her knowledge without being intimidating. To find out more click:

3. Art Retreat in the Desert
If Tucson is your destination the beginning of February or you live in the area, Barb Solem is doing “Art Retreat in Tucson”. The instructors are top-notch and it’s a great way to mingle and play with people who have a common interest. Barb Solem started these retreats. She is one of the kindest people you would ever want to meet not to mention talented. To check out the retreat go to:

Okay back to unpacking boxes.

Sparkles and fun,


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A Little Sidetracked

I missed my little girl (she was my very first logo) so I had to change my FB banner, blog header, etc. I must be insane (laugh) because I am moving in a few days, and I got a little sidetracked and got addicted to Photoshop instead of boxes. Despite all that is going on right now, I can’t put the “create” button on hold so I’ll keep you posted on what’s new in my creative little universe.

Love & sparkles forever–Mary

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Merry Christmas

merry christmas1

Have a joyful day!!!

Sparkles and love,

love this photo from

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The riches of love and gratitude

Christmas 2013

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This picture is truly heartwarming. I was the in-charge at my church’s “Pancakes with Santa” brunch that was held yesterday. Our church adopted several families to make certain that their children would have toys under the tree for the holidays and a nice little pre-Christmas brunch celebration. You see, these are the poorest of poor families in terms of material things. But these families have some profound riches. The gratitude and love displayed was truly magical and something that money cannot buy. Here is a little girl’s joy in seeing her dream come true—a chance to see Santa!!! It was so nice to do something wonderful for others!!!

Sparkles and happiness,


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