Using photo seals–it’s awesome

Fun to make necklace great for you or gift giving

Fun to make necklace great for you or gift giving

Here is an easy variation of the lanyard necklace I had in my previous posts. I am so excited because I found an easy way to attach an image to a bezel without “icky” adhesives. At Purple Mountain on Etsy, they sell these incredible photo seals. I wish they were a tad cheaper, but if you follow the explicit directions supplied, it’s well worth the cost. Shipping is super-fast. I live in Arizona and it takes just three days from their Florida location (I swear these people live next door to a post office).

To make this necklace I went to Joann’s ( and got Susan Lenart Kazmer’s round bezels (a package of five). I then ordered the 18mm glass and photo seals at Purple Mountain. It’s as easy as that. The only thing I found is that resin gives a piece a nice brownish-aged tint. To replicate that, I just darkened my image a little in Photoshop™. So get yourself some bezels, seals, glass and an optional circle punch and make that personalized gift. It’s easy and fast (hopefully).

Have a wonderful and sparkly weekend,



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